Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paris musings

God I wish I were in Paris, maybe in my very cool old friend Fanny's apartment with her theatre director husband cooking us dinner and drinking wine late into the night...

Some collections defy wearability which I sometimes tolerate in the name of art and beauty... but some don't really fall under under any category much less ready-to-wear, in that to me, no woman would wish to look that hideous and lacking in style. In any case, some looks I love....

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2013 absolutely love the idea of layering a delicate blouse over a crisp shirt, under a blazer. Beautiful scarves, shoes, bags and jewellery make the look.

Martine Sitbon's offerings at Rue du Mail RTW Fall 2013 had lovely moments too for me, really like this exaggerated feminine tuxedo look.

And love seeing Canadian Jessica Stam strutting her stuff though does she look a bit skinny/sick? Hard to say with the makeup and what is no doubt a strenuous season, hope the girl is healthy. I like the use of the art nouveau-ish flowers....

and prefer it here with the indigo... pretty. I like the easiness of these dresses.

And last but not least for now, Nicolas Andreas Taralis RTW Fall 2013 which is essentially an androgynous black leather kinda collection, a la

who incidentally is exactly (with some tats and piercings) what I imagine Lisbeth Salander to look like.

But I thought what a beautiful unconventional wedding dress a combo of this

and this

would make, in creams, with loads of multicoloured dusky roses.... mmm....

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