Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Resort 2014: Head-to-toe Pattern... Would You?

This post will be resort pickings that stood out, from designers I am not terribly familiar with. I love discovery, don't you?

Richard Nicoll had a sporty, chic and yet elegant vibe that I love. Shows how pattern and shine can be classy, if cut well.

I love the vibe of this look with collared shirt/sweater/skirt/leather jacket, along with wayfarers and the bold short haircut... I also quite like the patterned t-shirt and pant suit behind her.

Ralph Rucci had some looks I would love to own, so beautiful.

I would get married in a look like this.

Andrea Lieberman's A.L.C. collection was generally nice, I didn't like enough pieces to pick many but I did highlight these looks - the sexy but still easy-to-wear back of this outfit really appeals to me. The skirt reminds me of dyed horsehair or something, the whole thing looks native and lovely.

More of the patterned two-pieces... I have bought some skinny and flowy pants, some patterned and others just in bold colours... I am trying to draw inspiration from all these runway head-to-toe looks, but to be honest I think in real life I will continue to pair them with neutral tops to break it up a bit.

Ennio Capasa for Costume National really made me go "Wow!" 
I hate this with those hideous flat sandals but with heels this would be stunning.

The cut of his maxi dresses is sublime, and flattering. I love this dress. I believe the prints are the work of artist Kushida Shinichi.

Likewise the cut of this maxi dress. This is a subtle detail but so beautiful I want these dresses. After having a baby my midsection is not quite where I want it to be and these dresses are covered up and forgiving, drawing attention to glowing skin at face/decolletage, while still being modern and sexy.

And then you can add an asymmetrical cool jacket to perfect the look.

Now to the complete other end of the spectrum: Rozae Nichols was inspired by Cuba for Clover Canyon's collection, and it is awesome. Like really beautiful.

These sleeves are something else. I love clothing that permits almost no makeup and styling due to its overwhelming creativity and colour.

Yum to the various combos of skirts and old-school-inspired sweatshirts and varsity jackets.

This dress is just so pretty.

Want. Again, would I wear all together or split it up to match with more neutral or complementary top/bottoms...?

Love this flowered jacket, with the patterned short it is very nice and will inspire me for sure. I prefer mixed pattern to head-to-toe of same sometimes.

To be continued... So many great collections.

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