Sunday, April 21, 2013


These are the last months of my twenties, an era of discovery, youthful madness, a nostalgic time for the rest of anyone's life I think. We reserve the same nostalgia for the twenties (1920's), and we forget just how transgressive people were in that era. In many ways society is more repressed now.

A lighthearted take on this theme is Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl, a great little book I read recently and recommend. It gives tidbits of twenties fashion which I love love love. That old glamour from the 20's-40's is so beautiful and feminine. Tiffany & Co. had a twenties themed bash Thursday in NYC (so close to me... I constantly am aware that Manhattan is a mere 6 hours away, why do I not live there?) and three of my favourite ladies pulled out their twenties glamour.

SJP in Vicky Tiel, GP in Ralph Lauren, KH in Reem Acra.
These three have been major celebrity crushes for a while, I think they are all amazing actresses, wonderful mothers, and super hot women. I am inspired by all their styles, pretty well embodied in the three looks they chose that night - Sarah Jessica fashion forward, statement-making and fabulous, Gwyneth more classic, simple and elegant, and Kate sexy, body-conscious and feminine. I am so jealous of whoever took that picture (Steve Eichner I guess, shoulda been me).

If I have to grow up, I want to do it like these ladies do. I just bought GP's new cookbook It's All Good not because of the hype but because I genuinely loved the recipes I looked at and I unabashedly love her :) Is Kate Hudson staring at her breasts?! LOL yes Kate, your dress does a better job of holding them up :)

Gotta close up on some of those amazing diamond and sapphire Tiffany jewels SJP is wearing...

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