Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bridal Spring 2014 roundup! And other looks I love...

As a soon-to-be (sorta, it's not our number one priority) bride, I find myself viewing bridal couture purely from a 'would I wear it?' perspective, even more than usual with fashion. The dream image for me so far is the following, a dusky rose-clad divine flowy dress called the 'Amelie' from Samuelle (whose whole collection is an amazing dream and you should click on that link and look at her website immediately.)

Consequently, in terms of aesthetic I have to admit I am a bit bored by most of the bridal runways, and by bridal looks in general. If I have to choose I veer more towards Elie Saab (who did not have a Spring 2014 bridal collection) than Vera Wang (who did, and *yawn*) But there were some definite highlights for me when browsing that I have to share.

Theia White... I almost wish I could get married in this. I would probably change into this for the later portion of my night, or wear this to a shower/bachelorette. Or, anytime.

This is simple and sweet and flattering but I don't quite have the same post-baby body so I doubt flattering would be the term.

I liked this because of the beautiful beading and diaphanous skirt/veil, and the confidence in the model's face. When I saw this I thought, if I had to look more traditional, I would not mind this at all.

I do like this Kenneth Pool look very much, but still find it a bit too form-fitting and shiny. Very beautiful though, with different, not so severe hair.

Probably my favourite collection was Temperley... With the vintage, simple, elegant and feminine feel, these are more my dream dresses than any others I saw.

(Unfortunately if I can see this model's ab muscles so clearly, I doubt I could pull it off haha) 

And if I were to wear strapless, which I doubt, it would be something gorgeous like this.

I wish the Lela Rose collection had not been presented against such a stark white background, making it hard to appreciate the sartorial details, but I love the silhouette of this dress.

This is an Elie Saab Spring Couture 2013 dress... And I absolutely love it and just had to add it cause I love his aesthetic so much.

Now I am just excited about sharing bridal looks. Also adore Jenny Packham's Azalea dress, 2013 collection. I think by and large I prefer a British, more understated look to my bridal.

And the following is a Chloe Resort 2012 that I have liked for a while as a bridesmaid's dress if I were to have any, a little risqué but soo pretty.

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