Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catch-up: Paris and Tokyo

I have been so busy the last month that I haven't been paying much attention to fashion, other than trying to get hired by one of my fav Canadian brands lululemon. However, my desktop has been cluttered with Paris and Tokyo offerings I loved, so I am going to post'em up!

First is Valentino... so classy, feminine and soft-looking...yum absolutely love Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli's aesthetic, they are perfection.

Next, Stella McCartney looks I love, she is a such a master at dressing so a woman feels breezy, elegant and modern.

Across the world to Tokyo, which I know very little about so it was nice to peruse with virgin eyes...

I really liked The Dress & Co's slouchy-sexy look.

Somarta's patterned tights were something else. This is fashion architecture.

And Tiit's show was so me, I want to wear all of these outfits. I love layering like this and will definitely be inspired when dressing by these looks.

That's it that's all much to do. Have a fashionable and pleasant day all! I hope I can peruse Toronto Fashion Week's offerings in the next few days, feels disloyal not to :D

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