Thursday, January 22, 2015

Swap success

As I mentioned yesterday, I hosted a clothing swap last weekend and it was the best. I made pitchers of sangria, left a what not to wear marathon on the tv, borrowed a bunch of chairs and a clothes rack, and invited 8 friends and their surplus attire over for a very girly afternoon.

Everyone walked away happy with a bag of new free clothes and a joyful attitude, and it was a perfect antidote to the winter blahs I've been experiencing lately. We decided it needs to be a regular occurrence that can be done with books, accessories, etc! 

One of my finds was this basically unworn basic cardigan in fuschia. I wore blue and pink to match my daughter's outfit today and I love the effect the hot pink has on my winter mood. I don't often wear such girly and vibrant colours and a swap is a great way to acquire clothes you wouldn't normally buy without spending a dime. 

Another guest, a girl I'd never met before and instantly bonded with (new friends = win win win) scored some patterned pants that fit her like a glove but she never would have had the courage to buy. Highly recommend hosting and attending an event like this, it was transformative!!

Namaste xoxo


...Cardigan by Anne Klein, scarf bought at Galeries Lafayette Paris, blouse by H&M, pants Ricki's, suede heels from Target ( I have to buy these again and in red suede and simple black - they are a perfect pump and SO cheap)... Still need to deal with those undereye bags...


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Look forward to following :)

  2. thanks hun!!! i was thinking it's a useful exercise even if no one reads it, but more fun if people do :).... in 2013 I posted almost entirely about collections and a post was liked by a Harper's Bazaar editor, the internet rocks.