Wednesday, January 21, 2015


2015... So many changes... I have moved, twice, and now am the proud tenant of a lovely early-20th century apartment with mouldings and high ceilings and downtown pest problems... ended an engagement and am the single mother of a three year old megawatt superstar lunatic.... and I work an office job, which is secure and sometimes interesting, flexible and my coworkers are fantastic.... but my passions are dying within me so I have resolved to resurrect my blog and my passion for fashion. Join me as I share my (hopefully daily) inspirations, thoughts and style!

Namaste and Happy Hump Day :)



monochromatic OOTD:
undereye bags by three year old
geometric cropped sweater RW&CO
black pencil skirt (with boning in the waist and a lining, one of my favs) Sandra Angelozzi
tights Garage
boots from last weekend's clothing swap (so fun, recap post later)

Must apply tips from this article on undereye bags...

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