Friday, January 30, 2015

Week recap... Friday already ? :)

This week my daughter had a bad fever and before I knew it it was Friday. 

Highlights of the week include: 

An impromptu photo shoot at Walmart led to some adorable shots with my baby, love her so. Sweater by RW&Co.

A couple of my work outfits this week, yesterday I rocked patterned pants and hot pink and loved the pop of interest in an otherwise classic work outfit of button down, cardigan and skinny pants. 

Soft cream blouse by Joe (on sale bought in blush also) - I'm really into folding up the sleeve of the cardigan or blazer to show off the sleeve underneath, though you can't see it so much here. 
Cardigan Anne Klein, pants Ricky's, pumps Target, scarf one of my favs from Cocoon House.

Today for casual Friday, I'm rocking the second day hair bun (inspired by French rules for hair here), my trusty black Guess jeans, a sweatshirt style shirt and men's simple long sleeve both from H&M, blazer from Gap. I love the striped lining on the blazer that pops every outfit, as I can tend towards too much black/not enough pattern... Also why I love the colour and whimsy in this scarf, adds lots of interest.

My incredibly stylish friend Chris came over last night to watch The Interview, and his outfit was amazing. He told me who made his perfect boots, pants, blazer, waffle shirt, coat and scarf, but I forget now. I'm gonna do a more extensive post on this guy, who we call Bermuda for his homeland, as his penchant for a dapper outfit, best seen in his going-out uniform of Bermuda shorts and knee high dress socks in summer, more than deserves a shout out. 

(Can't believe I captured a garbage bag in this shot, gold... Work in progress folks)

Tonight I have possible yoga, a photography craft night, and a road trip to a passport office two hours away in the morning. Looking forward to the weekend and some vino, pronto. 

Namaste and Happy Friday!!! Hope you all have a wonderful one!

Xoxo N.

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