Thursday, May 23, 2013

J. Crew Love

This is a very competitive world - for a year I have been looking for work and although I have lots of qualifications (master of arts, honours undergrad cum laude, years of varied experience, four languages...) I never seem to be the best candidate... I have done a lot of soul searching as to why this is. I have realized that the only way to excel truly in this world, and not waste your life as a drone, is to strive to be your personal best in what you love to do. When you love it, it is... not easy, but easily committed to? Follow your heart and success hopefully will follow, as the universe supports you in your purpose. So I am trying to find my purpose, especially important when you have a daughter to support and a partner who loves what he does (I am jealous, a little.)

To that purposeful end, I have enrolled in the first step in a journey towards a career in fashion and art. I pray the universe backs me on this one. I have a lot of ideas and a fire within me.

Part of me was inspired by the J. Crew website (massive sale right now), clothing which is always inspirational; I don't think there is anything they sell I don't like at least a little, or love a lot. And Jenna Lyons is the absolute bomb (cool little day in the life of in Harper's Bazaar's recent fashion issue).

I digress - they are doing capsule collections in collaboration with CFDA designers such as Greg Chait of The Elder Statesman, super soft cashmere in unique but wearable lovely pieces. J. Crew highlights his workroom, his process, and has a quote about him collecting blankets for years before he started making them. Lightbulb!

Some pieces I love from J. Crew... I love the loose and easy but still stylish vibe, what I pretty much strive for every day.

And the following sweater and tank by The Elder Statesman

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