Sunday, May 26, 2013

Resort 2014: Dior and Chanel

I love resort collections. I'm going to start my favourite picks with Dior and Chanel, two of the pillars always for me. I'm loving the neutral palettes combined with elegant and intriguing details in both collections.

Raf Simons had some lovely pieces for Dior. I particularly love all the dainty and prettily-coloured heels, which add a pop of colour and personality.

This dress is so awesome. That zipper, the hemline, the flow, yum. And the shoes...

Not a big fan of the neckline detail being so strangulating, but I love this colour combo especially the pop of aqua in the heels.

I want this bodysuit (with bottoms to be added, perhaps patterned shorts, or a maxi skirt, maybe with a high-low hemline in a sheer, see gown below.) 

This gown is so sublime. Excellent bridesmaid dress.

I also think this dress is pretty rockin'.

Karl Lagerfeld... continues to be such a fountain of inspiration, it is incredible. I love way too many looks from the Chanel collection. It is pretty orgasmic, and so chic. My dream is to own Chanel pieces one day, as it so far has not been achievable in my life.

This suit I prefer in the black variation over the two whites that came down the runway first, it has a lovely easiness to it.

This whole look in white, with the form-fitting vest, the grey coat, the necklace.... Want.

And this look is soooo sexy.

Want these amazing pants. 

Same with the sweater and skirt. Love these proportions, have been dressing like this myself.

These pants again, I want them so bad.

Now, if you are blessed with the body of Cara and 10% body fat... But love the shorts. 

The layering in this look is pretty intriguing. I can't tell if those are pants or a skirt, but I think I will play around with the short sweater or blazer over the belted tunic/dress look. Over a maxi skirt, with heels. 

This little lace suit is so lovely.

The following two beach looks are so classic and hot. A woman could wear these from 18 to 108 and be appropriate and glamourous.

I especially love this look, that cream overcoat looks sooo divine.

The details and the quality of this fabric remind me of dresses at the beginning of the twentieth century. Very pretty.

The hemline is so interesting, combined with the dropped hemline, a 1920's sort of feeling. Many of his other looks' strands of pearls echoed that era as well.

The ethereal detailing on this dress...

And this would make a lovely bride's outfit.

Interesting how punk-y the styling was in contrast to the old-world flavour of the clothing itself, a way to modernize it and also make so many clever references, I love it.

Oh so many more sublime collections, more to come.

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