Monday, March 25, 2013

The Must C's of Beauty - Coconut Oil and Vitamin C

I have to improve this site so I can actually have different sections, but alas blogspot is not the best for that, and it is the platform I have chosen for now... more to come.

In any case, I am going to sometimes segue into beauty and health topics that fascinate me. The following two videos are must-sees for anyone.

The first is a woman in her late-50's with fantastic and very budget-friendly long-term skincare tips that keep your skin almost magically youthful. Her skin is probably at the condition of about a 35-year-old, you can see it in her throat and hands more than her face which has a lot of makeup.

This video is about coconut oil. It is wonderful for your skin, hair, cooking, sex life, it literally is a magical product. And the following video shows just how wonderful. I lost my grandmother some years ago to a case of very aggressive and terrible Alzheimer's. This man got his brain back by consuming coconut oil.

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