Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wearable Art

Lazy baby-free Saturday, drank wine and danced until 6 a.m., haven't had to recover like this in a long time, getting to hurt too much haha. The heat from the laptop soothing my stomach, browsing Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2013 and Martin Grant RTW Fall 2013 and musing on wearability. I actually kind of love the Comme des Garcons collection, but couldn't or wouldn't really wear most/any of it. Really appreciate the artistry of it and each piece is like sculpture, and there is a sporty, fun vibe.

And I love this, I feel like I've never seen anything like it before and without the sleeves, I'd totally wear it.

By contrast Martin Grant was all wearable and all beautiful.... want want want.


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