Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrift Shop

I am a huge thrift/flea/hand-me-down kinda gal. You can find some real treasures. And then when you grow tired of something, or accidentally bleach and destroy, you don't sob at the enormous waste of what you paid.

I have the unique benefit of living in a small town with many well-off people/purgers and few dedicated thrift shoppers with true taste or eye for style. Consequently I find incredible items, like Ferragamo loafers for 14 dollars (the cashier tried to warn me of my exorbitant purchase, I'm good thanks) that have become my go-to work shoe. Yesterday I found Aldo suede ankle-strap heels that are super comfy, fun, sexy and elegant. And Hilfiger heels with a red sole, mauve highlights, and a hide/houndstooth upper that is pretty cool. This is the kind of shoe that at original price I would probably never buy but at all under ten bucks, and all leather, you cannot go wrong.

And years ago, I bought my first converse all-stars, an amazing high-top white pair with a Durer horsemen of the apocalypse etching in black on each outer ankle... I bought them on my last day of a year-long adventure in Europe, in Camden market before flying out of London. Well, they sold me the left foot 1.5 sizes smaller and I guess in my rush and excitement I only tried the right on. That is one mistake I will never make again, buyer beware. But yesterday, I scored my second pair for under 10 bucks, and I am so happy.

The fake fur shrug in all the pics is also a thrift score and so great. My apologies for the abominable picture quality, darn iPhone, my Blackberry used to take much crisper photos. I have a Canon 40D, currently can't locate. Ah life in a too-small apartment...

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